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Nigel has over twenty-five years professional experience photographing every aspect of architecture. He has worked for some of the most prestigious clients worldwide, shooting dramatic luxury villa and hotel interiors and exteriors gaining a reputation and skill to travel the globe extensively. He has shot for multinational corporations, international magazines and numerous private clients.


His ability to capture the unique details and selling points of properties is second to none creating elegant and tasteful images with total understanding of every client’s needs.


He undertakes commissions worldwide, priding himself on being prompt and efficient with panache for style and the extensive knowledge that comes with many years of experience.

How to choose the right photographer for your property

Although digital cameras have made it much easier for everyone to take reasonably good photos there often comes a point when you need something a little better than what your $100 Canon or a shiny new smart phone can produce. Portfolios, marketing and advertising all benefit from crisp, clear images that bring the attributes of a property to life. That’s when an architectural photographer can help.


What kind of photographer do you need?

Every house presents its own peculiar challenges in terms of lighting, styling, perspectives and distortion, so you want to hire a professional photographer who specializes in them.

There are two kinds of photographers who specialize in shooting homes: architectural photographers and real estate photographers. If you’re looking to document a project strictly for selling purposes, then a real estate photographer is the way to go.

Real estate photographers are very inexpensive; they will go through the house in less than an hour and generally don’t touch anything. However if you want photographs that capture the artistry and character of a space, an architectural photographer is your best bet. Architectural photographers will figure out the best approach, think about the styling, move the furniture around and put a lot more thought into getting the photos.

An international luxury villa rental agency recently conducted a case study where they looked at how villas performed with poor outdated photography compared to images that conform to the new requirements for modern websites. The results were shocking, with a 67% rental request increase and a revenue increase of 44%.


How long will it take, and what will you get?

Shooting a house takes many hours depending on the size of the property and what is needed to have photographed. A shoot will generally yield eight to 20 images per day depending on the project, the photographer, the amount of styling needed and the time of year. (Is the sunset at 6:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m.?)


Who will style the shoot?

Most importantly, the photographer and assistant will help out with the styling as needed, but it’s best to ask about it in advance. If major styling is required, it is helpful for the homeowner or staff members to be present to provide accessories and prevent anyone’s having to rummage blindly through drawers and closets.


Who owns the photos?

Unless you’ve made arrangements in advance, the photographer retains the copyright to his or her work. You will be granted permission to use the photos for advertising or promotional purposes, or to post images on websites. But if a third party, like a magazine or a manufacturer, wants to publish the images or use them as part of an ad campaign, that usage must be negotiated with the photographer, who may seek additional compensation.


If you want to own the images outright, with no restrictions, the photographer will typically request an additional fee equivalent to the creative fee (the part of the bill related to doing the actual photography).

“A professional brings a lot to the table, the better a project looks, the more rentals or sales it’ll bring.”

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