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Why should I use Nigel to photograph my property?

Nigel has over 30 years of experience photographing luxury villas and hotels. He has worked closely with some of the finest international agencies to understand exactly what camera angles, time of day and lighting are required to engage clients. He also understands exactly what is required by villa agencies for marketing on their website.


What make Nigel different from other photographer?

Nigel photographs all the important spaces in a property and supplies every image for you to use. Depending on the size of the property, this can be as much as 50 or more images. Other photographers give you a limited number of images (+/- 25) to choose from and extra images are charged for an extra fee, which can be costly and time consuming (sometimes up to three or more weeks). The images you receive from Nigel can be used for an unlimited time period so there are no annual contract fees.


How quickly do I get the photos?

Time is an important factor when needing promotional material to market a property. Fully edited digital photos are generally delivered within 72 hours and are sized ready for immediate use on the internet. 360° virtual tours and floor plans are usually delivered within seven to ten day.

What is the difference between architectural photography and real estate photography?

Architectural photography and real estate photography are two different genres of capturing images of buildings. Architectural photography is more artistic and focuses on the design and aesthetics of a building. It is more time consuming and tells a story, uses styling to showcase lifestyle, and showcases design . Real estate photography is more practical and focuses on the features and size of a property. It uses wide angle lenses to show as much of the rooms as possible and to help potential buyers see how the home is laid out  .


How much does Nigel charge?

Nigel’s rates depend on the size of the property and the time taken to ensure client satisfaction. He keeps up with modern technology and always uses the latest photographic and computer equipment and editing software. He also spends untold hours in post-production correcting every image (colour correction, lens distortion, tones, saturation, altering digital colours, removing electrical cords, floor scratches, unpressed bed linen, fallen leaves, etc.).

His prices, therefore, are reflective on his many years of experience, technical knowledge and superior quality.

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