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A 154 page publication with over 270 colour photos of Jamaica’s 65 most luxurious homes. From riverside cottages to palatial mountain top estates, this book shows the beauty and style the Caribbean is renowned for. 
It is an ideal gift for friends and family.


'Jamaica has been associated with luxury for centuries. It was the jewel in the colonial crown and for over 150 years the cultivation of sugar cane and coffee made Jamaica one of the most valuable possessions in the world. 

The English aristocracy owned thousands upon thousands of acres making them wealthy beyond belief. To oversee their investment they built plantation homes, known as Great Houses, and decorated them with the finest furnishings from all corners of the world. Social entertaining was an important part of the lifestyle and the cooler sub-tropical climate, along with the tropical breezes and sheer beauty of the island, made it a perfect place to visit. 

Even after the decline of the agricultural heyday, Jamaica still remained an ideal getaway for the rich and famous and the list of prominent visitors who have secured their spot of tropical magic over the decades is phenomenal. Royalty, statesmen, politicians, authors, fashion designers, movie stars, musicians, super models and sports personalities have all taken great pleasure in the diversity of the island.

Much of the architecture today incorporates the colonial style of yesteryear, taking advantage of the tropical breezes and light. High ceilings are created to circulate the air and long deep verandas are built to exploit the cool shades, making them ideal for entertaining and relaxing. Be it high up in the cool hills or on a private beach, every home commands a unique breath taking view. 

As you will see, the décors are a rich mix of 18th Century colonial to modern chic. The bright colours of some of the furnishings reflect the vibrant flora of the island and the spaces throughout the homes are a fine balance between form and function.

The reputation Jamaica has for its sophistication and style is reflected in this book. All of the homes are cherished getaways offering the warmth and charm that is synonymous with centuries of Jamaican culture.'