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Not a day goes by in a private villa that you feel your hard earned cash is wasted. A holiday in a rental villa is unparalleled to any other relaxing escape from the day to day grind and one of the most popular destinations is the Caribbean. Nearly every island offers sun kissed beaches, breathtaking views and friendly locals selling you hand made trinkets and souvenirs but one of the islands which towers over the others is, believe it or not, Jamaica. 

The majority of the luxurious properties are located on either championship golf courses, private beaches and coves or just up the hill with gracious views amidst rich sub tropical foliage. Every villa employs at least four members of staff to pamper you from the time you get a fresh pot of coffee and fruit outside your bedroom door to the moment you fall deeply asleep from a day’s activity. You don’t even have to lock the front door or cook a meal.

The top specialist for your memorable sojourn is a bespoke company with 25 years experience in catering to the whims and pleasures of the world jet setters is Linda Smith. She realised there was a niche in the market for someone to offer a complete holiday service rather than just booking a villa and sending you on your way.

Linda only offers Jamaica as she fell in love with it when she lived there in the early 1980’s and she feels it is not fair to a client to offer something she does not believe in. Before she even considers adding a property to her portfolio, she personally stays in every villa and critiques the linens, tableware, décor quality and even trains the staff to a high standard you would expect in a five star property in any major city. Her unique team of experienced agents personally arrange, airport transfers, nannies, baby sitters, meals, excursions, family reunions and weddings in her 65 hand picked villas along the North Coast of Jamaica. Her inexhaustible hard work has been recognised by, not only her peers but also by Conde Nast Traveller gaining her Villa Agent of the Year for 2007 and 2008.

After a friendly chit chat with a client to find out whether they are sports minded, beach minded or just plain lazy, she matches up the perfect villa for the group in question. Do the children want a play room? Do the teenagers want to go out ? How much golf do you want to play? Are you interested in nightlife? Do you like Corn Flakes or Coco Pops for breakfast? Scuba, tennis, private massages, duty free shopping, sight seeing… the list is endless but definitely worthwhile as the villa suggested to you accommodates you and your party to a tee.

Whether you are running off to elope or taking the family on an adventure or reuniting with long lost relatives or friends, Linda has an ideal property to find your needs and budget. The villas are individually owned and because of this, no two villas are the same. Each one has it’s distinctive décor, architecture, style and character. Quite a few are within walking distance making large groups easy to arrange. Every property has at least one fresh water swimming pool and did I mention staff?

A typical day starts when you want it to. Breakfast is served at whatever time you desire and after that the day is yours to enjoy the plethora or activities a large tropical island has to offer. Lunch is when you want it and dinner can be by the pool or on the verandah or on your lap in bed. It is totally your choice.

No true holiday would be complete if you had to go anywhere near a kitchen or a supermarket or even mix your own drink. This is where Jamaica comes into it’s own. What makes a truly remarkable holiday in a villa is the staff. Someone to cook every meal, someone the make the beds, someone to do all the laundry, someone to keep an eye on the kids, someone to go to the supermarket, someone to clean the pool, someone to drive you anywhere you want and at any time (yes, some come with chauffeurs) and someone to tell you all about a truly amazing country and give you the feeling of warmth and security. Not only does the cook prepare some tempting local dishes for you to sample but Linda has gone to the extent of having cooking lessons given to the majority of her villas by a top English cook who now resides in Jamaica after cooking for royalty and dignitaries in her former life in London. 

And if that is not all, Linda ensures there is a 24 hour concierge service for anything you need throughout your stay. 

Jamaica is large enough to explore with numerous activities other islands just can’t offer. Waterfalls to climb, roads to explore, clubs to join, beaches to swim from, reefs to discover, exotic food to sample and dancing to learn. As Jamaica has been proud to boast, “We are more than a beach, we are a country” so too has Linda used this as her motto when she chooses the right holiday for you.


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